Atypical requirements, precise design, careful execution

Our company is known mainly for producing single-phase and three-phase transformers, three phase decompensative reactors and windings from design to construction in accordance with international standards.

If you have atypical or specialised requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our 25 years of experience is a guarantee that we can produce high-quality transformers and windings in accordance with individual needs.

If, for example, the voltage ratio or total loss requirements differ from the standard, we will design a transformer that fully complies with the given technical specifications. After production, all of our products undergo quality control, where we use equipment for checking all the required technical parameters.

In addition, we also have standard products available.

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Reliability, speed, guarantee

ELSIM has been a reliable partner in the field of transformer production for many years. Based on feedback from customers, our greatest strong points are speed and reliability. Our company is flexible and we guarantee that the custom design transformer will reach our customer on time, in excellent working order and of the right quality. We also offer two-year guarantees on our products.

Who are our customers?

Our transformers have a wide range of application. They are used, among other things, to create safety circuits in hospitals, to operate welding machines, to power electrical equipment, to power swimming pool lights and to create safety voltages for various other machines.

Process of requesting individual designs

When placing an order, it is necessary to specify the transformer’s type, parameters, input and output voltage, power and any other specialised requirements expected by the customer. After the quotation has been approved, our experienced specialists design the required transformer based on customers' needs, and then an individual or serial production takes place.

After individual quality control, the products are packed in cardboard boxes or on pallets in the case of larger volumes and delivered using a courier or transport company.

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